Paul Issartel

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Formerly at: LIMSI-CNRS / University of Paris-Sud

Research topics: 3D manipulation, tangible interaction, augmented reality

Contact: research@[ANTISPAM]


P-Tronics: 3D printing of smart objects
A cubic mobile device is turned into an equivalent volume of virtual space through which the user can interact with virtual objects.
Portable 3D interaction through a tangible volume
Using the motion of a mobile device to control 3D objects displayed on the device itself.
3D manipulation on mobile devices
An object visually encounters resistance while pushing on a virtual object.
Mass perception in mixed reality
Real objects used to slice a virtual volume behind a tablet, result displayed on the tablet's screen.
Tangible exploration of volumetric data
Mobile air jet blowing towards the user's palm to simulate a virtual surface.
Air jet device for non-contact haptic stimulation